#94 – $50M In Sleep DTC, Party Buses, And Juice Stores – Aaron Spivak | RE-GEN

Introducing The RE-GEN Series, where we take a look back at our earlier conversations with The Next Generation guests.

Today that’s with Aaron Spivak from episode 11! Aaron is the Co-Founder of Hush Blankets. At the time of recording Hush were on track to hit $50 million in revenue, selling weighted blankets and sleep accessories. Before hush blankets, Aaron ran one of the most popular party bus companies in Canada, and also launched a successful retail fruit juice business that is still doing well with multiples locations.

We dive into a lot of awesome topics. So stick around and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review if you liked today’s episode.

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Author: Connor Gross & Giovanni Armonies-Assalone

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