Great show

Really good episodes and each one keeps getting better



Awesome Podcast With Great Stories

This podcast is super insightful and goes in depth on how a lot of really cool businesses were built. Tons of awesome stories in these episodes (personal favorite is the 700k window washing episode). If you are interested in entrepreneurship then this is a must listen. Very excited to see what episodes come out in the future! 

must have yep,


Must listen for 20 somethings

Seriously have gotten a ton of value out of this show. Each guest has a unique background and it’s really inspiring to hear their stories. Also goes to show you don’t have to be in your 40’s to have a lot of success.



Listen for motiovation

These 2 guys do a great job of firing off interesting and comprehensible questions to their guests. While they let the guest throw all their toughts on the table, Connor and Gio steer the conversation to satisfy what their listeners come to hear.

Ryan_ Lange,


A must listen for those in, or approaching the

Thoughtful, inspiring, and a lot of fun. Highly recommend to anyone looking to maximize one of the most important decades of our lives.



Columbia Grad student - this is awesome

Helps you gain so much perspective from people your own age. Keep it up.


Amazing Content, Even Better Team

Killer Killer Killer podcast ep 1! Connor and Gio are two of the most resourceful and committed individuals I have ever met in my life. Beyond excited to see where they take this podcast – the sky is truly the limit here for these boys.  Simply Getting After It.



Great concept

Excited to see this grow. Being inspired by people my own age is refreshing




Really cool idea guys, first episode was awesome. Excited to see who comes on the podcast next.

Chris Risley,

Knew these guys in college... The Real Deal l

Connor and Gio are two of the most resourceful people you’ll ever come across. I knew these guys in college, it was scary how effortless it all seemed when they sold Cardly in the million dollar range from their college apartments. The value gain is gonna be immense on this one! Don’t miss out



Definitely not their first podcast

Was pleasantly surprised when Apple recommended me this podcast.  I gave it a chance while I was shoveling



Great Perspective

Sometimes things feel impossible, out of reach or just “not meant for you” and these discussions and interviews are such a great reminder that everyone started somewhere. This young perspective gives great insight into a generation that isn’t often represented in serious media.

LeeLee’s Thoughts,

Perfect for undergrad

I’m graduating this year – seeing all of these people in their 20’s working on cool projects or companies has been really inspiring




Your podcast on Quinn Miller was great ! Very informative and interesting. Lots of energy coming from him . Would be interesting to keep hearing what he is doing next ! Great job guys !

hester co,

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